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Pastor/Interim Pastor Search Committee Information

Pastors Seeking A New Place Of Service

     From time to time, vacancies do occur in every church.  If you need help in finding a church, we may be able to help you.   We keep resumes on file for a period of 6 months.  If you have not found a church within that period of time, please contact us and we will keep your resume in the ACTIVE FILE for another 6 months.  Otherwise, it will be removed after 6 months. 
     If you are called to a church, we would appreciate you contacting us to remove your resume from our current file, so we will not mail it out to Search Committees.   You may call for an appointment with Dr. Pratt in order for us to become more helpful to you.   Please contact our office for more information at 901  465-8613.

     When a church experiences the resignation or retirement of a pastor.  One of the first questions asked is "How do we find a new pastor"?  The second question asked "What do we do until we find a new pastor"?  While every church faces this concern at some point in time, there is help and counsel available.  The Fayette Baptist Director of Missions may offer some guidelines and publications for Pastor Search Committees when thinking about an Interim Pastor or calling a new pastor.  We have a list of retired pastors that are available for interims, as well as, a list of preachers to fill in on occasions. 
     Selecting a new pastor for your church is a major decision and one that needs not to be made hastly. Please do not hesitate to contact the Fayette office (901-465-8613), if your church needs help in this area. 

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