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Churches are Listed Below

Here is a list of the churches that are affliated
with the Fayette Baptist Association. 

 Bethlehem Baptist Church

 5300 Hwy 194, Rossville, TN 38066        
 Mail Address: PO Box 235, Rossville, TN 38066


  Pastor:   Rev. Mike Hollaway  

   Music Director:   Richard Jenkins



 Grace Baptist Church
 4650 Highway 70, Braden, TN
 Mail Address: PO Box 26, Eads, TN 38028
  Pastor:  Bro. Dennis Golden
  Telephone: 901-466-7187 
    Worship Leader:    Rev. Bill Rhea


 Fayette Baptist Church
 12465 U.S. Highway 64 Somerville, TN  38068
   Pastor: Rev. Drew Murphy (901) 828-2832
  Minister of Music:                 Rev. Joshua Mabry   
                Minister of Youth                  Rev. Jon Gambrel     
                Minister of Administration   Rev. Daniel Taylor
         Minister of Children:            Mrs. Lauren Mabry
   Feathers Chapel Baptist Church
 3100 Feathers Chapel Dr, Somerville, TN 38068 (901) 465-8305 

  Pastor: Rev. Rhesa Davis
  (901) 734-9173



     Forty-Five Baptist Church

 19220 Highway 57, Moscow, TN 38057

  Pastor: Rev. Wayne Hodge
  (901) 877-1720

   Music:    Mr. Bill Leatherhood


 Gallaway, FBC

 600 Watson Drive, Gallaway, TN 38036
 Mail Address: PO Box 284, Gallaway, TN 38036

  Pastor: Rev. Ronald Grunewald
  (901) 233-0072  or (901) 229-3595  Fax: (901) 867-9488



 Hickory Grove Baptist Church

 8065 Yager Drive, Moscow, TN 38057

   Pastor: Rev. Bobby Williams

  (901) 854-5214                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ww.HickoryGroveBaptist.org




 Hickory Withe, FBC

 17675 Highway 196, Eads, TN 38028

 (901) 465-8043   Fax (901) 465-8062



Pastor: Rev. Eddie Little
(901) 465-5362

Minister to Youth:    Rev. Daniel Jerkins;    

   Minister of Music:   Rev. David Biter;  

   Minister to Children:   Rev.Mike Tabor  

   Minister of Education:  William Arnold




 Kirk Baptist Church

 6365 Raleigh - LaGrange Rd, Collierville, TN 38017
 Mail Address: 65 Kirk Rd, Collierville, TN 38017  (901)813-8419  
Fax: (901)763-0083


  Pastor: Rev.Thomas Foy



   Minister of Music:   Bro. Wayne Thomas

    Minister of Youth:  Chris Shearin



   Liberty Baptist Church

 6140 Old Jackson Road, Somerville, TN 38068

  Pastor: Dr. Jim Whitley
  (901) 465-2962


  Music:   Mr. Danny Dowdy



  Macon, FBC

 9895 Highway 193, Williston, TN 38076
  Pastor:  Rev. Jack Gresham
  Church: (901) 466-7800     H: (901) 412-2884

  Minister of Music:   Bro. Bo  Fletchall
  Minister of Children:   Rev. Tim Riley   
  Senior Adults:     Rev. Jerry Jones



   Morris Memorial Baptist Church

  130 Third Avenue, Moscow, TN 38057

   Mail Address: P. O. Box 315, Moscow, TN 38057          (901) 877-3591     

    Pastor:  Vacant


    Youth Minister:  Joshua Yager

     (731) 780-9509  



 Mount Moriah Baptist Church

 1825 Mount Moriah Drive, Whiteville TN 38075
 (901) 231-8400


   Pastor:  Rev. David Peace

   Minister of Music:   Bro. Bob Peterson

   Minister to Youth:  Mrs. Sherry McGlown
 Mount Olive Baptist Church
 9580 Jernigan Drive, Somerville, TN 38068
 Mail Addresss: c/o Shirley Canon, 345 Jernigan Dr., Somerville, TN 38068
 (901) 465-6053

  Pastor: Rev. Jack Price, Interim Pastor

  Minister of Music:   Bro. Tommy Markle 


  Oak Grove Baptist Church

 1980 Oak Grove Drive, Moscow, TN 38057
 (901) 877-3344     Fax: (901) 604-2269

  Pastor: Rev. David Parlow
  (901) 878-1979


  Minister of Music:   Mr. Bobby Crisp 



  Oakland, First Baptist Church

 8695 Highway 64,  Somerville, TN 38068
 Mail Address: PO Box 268, Oakland, TN 38060
 (901) 465-9346    Fax: (901) 465-8186


  Pastor: Rev. Jason Moore, Oakland, TN 38060,    


  901-297-2778 email- jmoore@oaklandfirstbaptist.org

  Associate Music/Youth:   Rev. Benny Morton  



 Shady Grove Baptist Church

 17885 Highway 76, Somerville, TN 38068
 Mail Address: PO Box 535, Somerville, TN 38068

  Pastor: Rev. Freddie Clifft
  (901) 494-3858  




  Somerville, FBC

 12685 S. Main Street, Somerville, TN 38068
 (901) 465-3528   Gym: 465-8263    Fax: 465-3541


  Pastor:  - Rev. Stan Smith 901-573-8318


  Young Adult & Youth Pastor:  Matthew Watkins

  Minister of Music/Education:   Dr. Stephen White;    

  Minister to Students:   Matthew Watkins           

  Minister to Children:   Mrs. Valerie Griffin

  (901) 465-4015    

    Mission Pastor:     Rev. Toby Stone                                                                                                                                      




  Warren Community Church

 11800 Hwy 64, Somerville, TN 38068
 (901) 465-0222

  Pastor: Dr. Ken Culver

  (901)    465-7904      cell:  901-488-3913


  Minister of Music:   Rev. Alex Inman  

  Minister of Students:   Rev. Jason Bullington  

    Minister of Children:  Mrs. Cheryle Roland

  Administrator:   Mrs. Adrian Stackley



  Williston Baptist Church

 6560 Hwy76 S., Williston, TN 38076

  Pastor: Rev. Rickey Burns,   (901)212-2931   Fax: (901) 465-1813

  901-465-2381     cell:  901-212-2931

  Music: Mrs. Ann Blackmore   







Meets regularly at the Rossville Christian Academy in the heart of Rossville

every Sunday A.M. & P.M. plus each Wednesday evening. 



Mission Pastor:   Rev. Toby Stone   901   238-1383    

Email:   TLSTONE79@gmail.com  

Mailing address:   114 Rolling Oaks Drive, Somerville, Tenn. 38068





The Fayette Baptist Association is committed to the churches of the Association, to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to helping the churches make disciples.  We provide resources and support for our family of churches as we continue to grow.   Missions are a big part of our association, taking the good news of the Gospel to our community. 

We would also like to publish your church information on our web site.  Feel free to call us with any kind of announcements or  information you want advertised.   

If your Baptist church is not a part of the association we encourage you to join and become a part of our growing family of Southern Baptist Churches.




Fayette Baptist Association LeadershIp

Moderator: Rev. Stan Smith, Pastor - First Baptist Church, Somerville

Vice-Moderrator:  Mr. Rudy Doyle

Treasurer:  Mrs Jan Doyle

Clerk: Mrs. Rita Wilbur