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Plans for Mission Trips

Where to go…What to do….


 If interested, contact Dr. Pratt at 901- 465-8613  or 466-1822.


     Bro. Charles led a team of volunteers to do evangelistic crusades to the Republic of the Philippines from February 22 - March 5, 2019.  The team conducted over 100 outdoor crusades during the 2 weeks.  Most volunteers preached several times each day and night in crusades.    Some volunteers spoke in schools.  There were worship services at night that attracted large numbers of people.    Some 13,638 people made professions of faith with over 300 other decisions for Jesus across 4 different associations of churches.   The volunteers served with about 40 different churches.

     During the daytime, each volunteer shared their faith and preached in high schools, colleges, prisons, home Bible Studies and all kinds of settings, while many came to a faith in Jesus Christ each day.   Some even participated by speaking at funeral services, which is very common in the Philippines.

   The next trip to the Philippines will be late January 23-February 4, 2020.  A tenative cost of the trip is approximately   $3,000 at this time, which includes airfare, lodging, in country travel, food, IMB insurance and Gospel tracts.  This is a very open country to the Gospel today with  many coming to Christ and making professions of faith.  One exciting feature that most volunteers will love about the Philippines is that volunteers get to speak in English without using intrepreters.      

   Dr. Pratt has another mission trip planned to Guatemala in November 6-11, 2019.    This ministry involves evangelism crusades with preaching in the churches and crusades.  Our missionaries in the country have asked Bro. Charles to bring at least 20 preachers & laymen to serve on Evangelism teams during the trip.   This will afford every preacher many opportunities to preach the Gospel in many different places.   Many of these will be in street and open air situations were many people will gather to hear the Gospel.

    There may be a few opportunites to teach some of the pastors during the daytime.   They are very excited to receive training from the American pastors on ministry subjects.  This  trip will cost approximately $1,700 in 2019.   Tennessee Baptists have a ongoing partnership with Guatemala .    

    Another mission trip this Summer was with the Cherokee Indians in Oklahoma, and was completed with such great and exciting things happening for June 22-28, 2019 trip.   There were at least 18 souls saved and dozens of other re-affirmations of their lives to Jesus.   The Cherokee Churches are always an exciting place where we experience the work of the Holy Spirit.  If you are interested, we can take teens, youth leaders, parents, whole family or single adults.   The plans are to conduct 3 or more VBS, a Block Party, Puppets and several Revivals.  We need preachers to lead the Revivals and music leaders.   The approximate cost is $200 per person for the 7 day journey.  Lodging will be in a campground with dorm like rooms that do have air conditioners.   Call for more specifics.  The Cherokee people are very humble and open to the Gospel.  

    Volunteers should call or email Dr. Pratt very soon, if interested in this trip or other trips to Honduras or to the Republic of the Philippines.   Dr. Pratt travels to Honduras taking small numbers of people, since each volunteer will need a translator.  There are always plenty of opportunities to do evangelism with the poor people in Honduras or the Philippines.  They are open to hearing the Gospel.  



Contact Dr. Pratt, if you are interested in being a part of this experience.  901-465-8613 or 901-466-1822.

In Acts 1:8, the resurrected Jesus declared us to be His witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the uttermost parts of the world. Every church and every Christian has been commanded to take the Good News of Jesus Christ to every person in the world.

Whether your group is going on a local project in the park or across the state or ocean, a mission project can be overwhelming ... especially if it is your first project. How do you pick a project? What do you do to enlist and train a team? How do you fund the trip?

The following information is designed to guide you through the process of planning and taking a mission trip.    Also, we can point you to some training conferences designed just for you, the team leader, and for your team.


Let's Begin!

• Pray for God's Leadership.
The first and most important step is to ask the Heavenly Father to show you where He wants you to go.

• Look for Mission Projects.
For local projects, consult your church or local Baptist association. For state, national, or international projects.

• Pick a project that fits your group.
Ask, "What is the mission requesting volunteers to do?" "What abilities does the project require?"



Building and Training Your Team

Travel and Packing Tip

• Travel lightly—what you pack, you carry!

• Limit the amount of valuables you take overseas. Ask the question, "Can I live without this?" Sentimental or favorite items should be left at home.

• Clean out your wallet of non-essentials. Only take necessary identification or credit cards with you. Keep a record of credit card numbers with the telephone number of the credit card company separate from the actual credit cards. Also, keep traveler's check receipts separate from the actual checks. Most nations will not take a check and poorer nations don't often take traveller checks.   The companies will need to be notified immediately if the cards or checks are stolen.

• Men should carry their wallet in a front pocket to hinder pickpockets.

• Many bags look alike, so each piece of your luggage should have a highly visible tag or sticker on it that separates it from similar bags at a glance.

• Do not leave bags unattended. Hold all bags tightly in a crowd.   There are people who make a living, seeking to steal other people's personal belongings.

• If you have a layover in an airport and want to sleep, put your bags under your head or place your arm or leg through the handles. This makes it more difficult for it to be stolen.

• Remember your manners while you are traveling.   Be considerate of and courteous to those around you.  Americans have a bad international reputation of being loud and obnoxious. When traveling with a group, this is an easy reputation to perpetuate because excitement levels are usually high.  Try not to live up to this reputation.

• Make a copy of your passport and put it in your luggage and leave a copy at home.  If your luggage is lost, it will make identifying your luggage easier.  If your passport is lost, you will have a copy of it until it is replaced.

• Give important travel information to family members.  Please do not destroy your witness in an airport setting.  Be very cooperative with airport officials and try to keep smiling even when things do not go according to your plans.   Keep a pleasant disposition and things will turn out better.

• Bring any and all medications you must have. Use the original bottles. If there is a sizable amount of medications needed, it might be advisable to have a doctor's letter with you, explaining that you have legitimate medical needs.

Plan well and have a blessed time in the Lord Jesus. 


North American Mission Board 800-888-8657

International Mission Board 800-999-3113 

Cross Partners Ministry   901-465-8613 or 901-573-5063


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